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My name is Dominique Vaccaro, I'm currently living in Marseille, South of France and I'm a ship buff, especially passenger ships like yachts, cruise ships, liners and ferries. Drawing, designing ships or building ships models is my passion since my childhood when I began to study them with care (or I should say with obsession) and enthusiasm. I then managed to acquire some technical background and to experience a short maritime career.



Several years ago, I discovered and began to use 3D software with great interest.

How to join these two passions? ...These 3D models of SS  FRANCE, as well as other ships and boats and this web site are an answer to that.


These ships were modeled and pictures are rendered with the powerful NURBS modeler Rhinoceros 3D (www.rhino3d.com) and its basic renderer.

Implementing these models into games for offering a new experience to gamers (currently Virtual Sailor) has been a long task and they're now available for download, in order to provide a true tribute that this remarkable liner deserves and a sailable experience aboard these models.



Any comments or questions will be welcomed.

For contacting me, please e-mail me here: Dominique Vaccaro .


I hope you'll enjoy your visit here and I look forward to hearing from you.



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