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Welcome aboard the 3D tribute to SS FRANCE's web site, a DVO MARINE Design realization.


SS FRANCE / SS NORWAY is currently and sadly very close to her end.


This 3D tribute has been made in the purpose of showing how a beautiful ship she is as well as, if not too late, for waking up all minds in the World and demonstrating how important it would have been to save and preserve her.


The realization of all of this has taken about 220/250 hours of extensive search, 3D modeling (24,774 surfaces) and work on images and website.

You can display low-res images using slideshows or hi-res renderings by clicking on thumbnails.

Screenshots into a more realistic environment within the Virtual Sailor page , since the model is currently converted for this game.


I hope you'll enjoy your visit and value the true splendour of SS FRANCE.

Any comments or questions will be welcomed. For contacting me, please e-mail me by clicking here: Dominique Vaccaro .



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