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"Souvenir de France" is a 11'30'' movie built with the 3D images and animations included into this site, using some special effects and rhythm in order to make you feeling some emotion surrounding the end of this unforgettable liner.


Please, be patient whilst loading, the file is 43.5 Mo large and,... don't forget to switch on the sound.



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"SS FRANCE forever" is a videos using Ilan Papini's game Virtual Sailor is now available, as a vibrant tribute to this great ship.

Please, be patient whilst loading, the file is 418 Mo large and the film is 28 minutes 45 seconds long.


I'd strongly recommend to have the patience of waiting for seeing the Hi-res version, (you can always navigate on the Internet whilst the video is dowloading and you can start viewing it before the whole loading is completed) because it is far more detailed, does more justice to the ship, more immersive and thus more enjoyable. The low-res, low-quality one is just for having a quick glimpse of the thing.








Download Hi-res, medium quality

"SS FRANCE forever" video here (418Mo).



Or visit YouTube for faster streaming video in lower resolution and lower quality (4 parts):

"SS FRANCE forever" video here

(Do select "Watch this video in High Quality"

under the view frame for every 4 parts of the movie).


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