Terms of use for SS UNITED STATES printable image.


This image file of the liner SS UNITED STATES is the sole property of Dominique Vaccaro, www.dvomarinedesign.com .


By unzipping this archive, you accept to not host the image bmp file contained into the archive on any other server than the author's one, to not distribute it in any way (prints, email, private message, disk, hardware, software material...), to not sell it, to not modify, to not use any content included into this image for another image or as part of software, for another purpose than personal use in a private area, not meant to receive public of any kind or for another person or application or commercial entity, with no limitation of time.


By downloading this image file, you only obtain the right to use it on your personal computer or to print it for your own personal use but you don't own it. the use of captures made from this image file is not allowed for any other use such as promotional material, presentations, raise of founds, calendars, search for investors or politic involvement, etc, must be done via another sale contract between the user and dvomarinedesign (Dominique Vaccaro) and with prior written authorization from dvomarinedesign or the author of the image, Dominique Vaccaro.

You can not redistribute the image and can not request payment for displaying it.


Any infringement to these terms will lead to legal action.


The author can not be held responsible for any damage done to your computer or programs installed. By installing this image file, you fully agree with that term.